Development of didactic workshops in Valencia

Creative activities, games and didactic workshops for fun and learning.

  • Project, coordination and development of didactic workshops.
  • Training and hiring of monitors.
  • Guides for museums.
  • Workshops complemented with guided visits: cooking a paella, making a “falla”, ceramics, etc.
  • Educational games: Gymkhanas in the monuments to learn and have fun.

Since 2003 we have been working with social entities and Museums offering a service for the development of didactic workshops.

In addition for all our clients we offer different experiences and workshops to complement your guided tour and make it more fascinating:

What about a cultural gymkhana? We will test your skills to get the final prize. Compete in teams, learn how to coordinate and work together, put into practice the cultural knowledge transmitted by our guides and have fun!

What about a paella workshop? If  you like the kitchen become an authentic chef and learn how to cook our most international dish, the paella! You can come and cook it in the same place where it was born, in El Palmar. Or if you prefer the city center we can buy the authentic ingredients in the Central Market.

What about a pottery workshop? Unleash your creativity to create your own piece of art. The history of the Valencian pottery goes back to the Neolithic period, arriving the Manises pottery to its splendor in the fifteenth century exporting to European courts and palaces. Thanks to this ancient material and to new techniques you will take your own creation as a reminder of this wonderful experience.

What about a “fallas” workshop? Discover the great process of creation of our famous fallas (Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO), work with an authentic master craftsman in the same place where he works all the year to shape these monuments. Make your own creation and take it as souvenir.

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