Activities to learn and have fun

Creative activities, unique experiences and didactic workshops adapted to all ages.

Unique experiences and workshops in Valencia to learn and have fun

We’ll test your skills to get the final prize. Compete in teams, learn to coordinate and work together, put into practice the cultural knowledge transmitted by our guides and above all, have fun.

Our priority is to make culture accessible to everyone. In this sense we work offering these activities to groups of disabled people, whether physical or psychic in different degrees, as it is an escape to their routines. They are very pleasant activities for them since they learn at the same time that they have fun and test themselves. These cultural gymkanas in Valencia are a positive stimulation for the disabled and their satisfaction is our greatest reward.

  • Gymkana “The time machine” through the historic center of Valencia

    With our “Time Machine” gymkhana the groups will have to pass the tests working as a team and coordinating each other in the best possible way. They will test their skills and knowledge to reach the end and be able to return to their time. An interesting and fun walk through the more than 2,000 years of history of the city of Valencia.

    We adapt the route, the content and the way of carrying out the tests according to the profile of the group. You can do gymkanas dramatized or using devices such as smartphones or tablets. We take care of the necessary materials to carry out the gymkana and try to bring the best possible souvenir of your visit to Valencia.

  • Gymkana pirate in the port of Valencia

    You will become a true corsair with this fun “pirate gymkana” in the port of Valencia. Discover the history and evolution of the port area of Valencia. It became one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean in the 15th century. Our corsairs will know the modernist tinglados and the bases of the teams of the America´s Cup. A hidden treasure will give them the long awaited victory and its corresponding reward.

  • Futuristic Gymkana at the City of Arts and Sciences

    It will give free rein to the creativity of the participants. A test drive through the different elements that make up this great cultural and artistic complex. Get to know the most futuristic part of Valencia.

Unique and different experiences in Valencia

The workshops and experiences that we propose to our clients will lead them to make a total immersion in our culture.

We seek the involvement of our 5 senses to obtain a complete experience.

These are some of the examples that we offer to our groups:

  • Paella workshop and competition in the Albufera of Valencia

    If what you like is cooking, then live an authentic Top Chef in Valencia and learn to cook our most international dish, paella, in the same place where he was born: in El Palmar. But if you prefer to do the workshop in the heart of Valencia and even buy the ingredients in the Central Market itself we also offer you this option, a fun way to put into practice teamwork, leadership and competitiveness of the group. A perfect teambuilding activity in Valencia that unites culture, gastronomy, teamwork and fun.

    With the competition format, the prizes for the best paellas are awarded and the work of each team is scored throughout the cooking process. Become an authentic chef and enjoy the surroundings of the Albufera Natural Park. An activity and a privileged environment for your event in Valencia.

  • Experiment with Manises ceramics

    Give free rein to your creativity to make your own work of art. The history of Valencian ceramics goes back to the Neolithic, when Manises’ ceramics reached their splendour in the 15th century, exporting to European courts and palaces. A walk through the 14th century Barri de Obradors de Manises, which exported ceramic works all over Europe, will take us to a unique workshop. A unique experience awaits us in the hand of its owner, a professional ceramist who goes beyond traditional ceramics.

    Give shape to this ancient material and thanks to fire and magic you will take your own creation as a souvenir of this wonderful experience.

    And as everything is not going to be “work” test your palate tasting freshly made Valencian products in a traditional oven in the area.

  • Create your own Falla de Valencia

    Live an authentic fallera experience with our workshop of Fallas in Valencia. Get to know the great process of creation of the ninots that make up the Fallas (Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO) by the hand of an authentic master craftsman in his own workshop where he works all year round to shape these monuments. Also take your own creation and work of art as a souvenir.

    Individually or working in teams, it is a fun way to get to know our most international party and the one that surprises our visitors the most: the Fallas. They are an essential part of our culture and folklore and therefore deserves a special and unique activity.

    This activity unites culture, folklore, creativity and teamwork to achieve the best composition of ninots for our “falla”. It is a perfect proposal for a teambulding, to test the participants and their social skills, communication, leadership and teamwork.

Management and development of didactic workshops in Valencia

Since 2003 we have been working with Social Works and Museums, organizing, with guides graduated in History of Art and Fine Arts, according to our project and its development, visits to museums in the city, completing it with a didactic workshop. Aimed at schoolchildren and people with physical, mental and sensory disabilities, given that the activities aimed at these groups are very precarious and even in some areas, non-existent.