Thematic and specialized guided tours

Technical visits for professionals, guided tours adapted for schools and thematic tours in Valencia.

  • Visit adapted to the interests of the group.
  • Specialized guide with fluency in the requested language.

Professionals and companies.

VIP guided toursin Valencia.

Schools, universities / Senior , associations. Guided tours in Valencia adapted to the needs of these groups.

Guided technical visits in Valencia for construction and design professionals. Made by an architect guide:

  • Buildings and architectural spaces, most avant-garde of the city, among others.
  • The City of Arts and Sciences by Santiago Calatrava.
  • Bridge and subway station of Alameda by Santiago Calatrava.
  • Congress Palace by Norman Foster.
  • Veles e Vents building by David Chipperfield.
  • IVAM (Valencian Modern Art Institute) by E.Giménez y C. Salvadores.
  • Guided visit to an architectural studio (Optional).
  • Contemporary buildings recommended by the Architecture Guide, edited by the Architects Association of Valencia.
  • Red Building
  • Law School
  • Buildings in the area of Blasco Ibáñez (Faculty of Psychology, Geography and History, Philosophy, etc.)
  • German school
  • Fisac Building
  • Rehabilitation and adaptation of the Old Municipal Slaughterhouse as Complex of the Pechina.
  • Feria Valencia

Thematic guided tours in Valencia:

  • The Romans in Valencia.
  • The Reconquest and Jaume I in Valencia
  • The Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance in Valencia
  • Valencia and its walls
  • The guilds of the Middle Ages, etc.
  • The Valencia of Industrialization
  • The gardens of Valencia:
  • Nurseries Garden or Royal Gardens
  • Botanical Garden
  • Monforte Gardens
  • Espérides Garden
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