Historical city, place of birth of two Popes of the Borgias’ dynasty.

  • Admission fees of the train.
  • Admission fees and visit to the castle.
  • Admission fees and visit to the Colegiata.
  • Tour in the Old Town of Xàtiva.
  • Specializad guide with fluency in the requested language
  • Bus for transfers.
  • Restaurant bookings.
  • Hotel bookings.

Guided visit around the Old Town of Játiva, a city of Iberian origin, declared of Historic Artistic interest. Here was born the famous painter Juan Ribera “Españoleto” and two Popes of the Borgias’ dynasty, Alejandro VI and Calixto III.

Visit to the castle of Roman origin which became famous as a hideout of noble prisoners of the Aragon Crown. Almost all the towers and walls are of Islamic and Gothic origin, although the origins are Iberian and Roman. We find on one side the Castell Menor, which is the oldest part of the fort and on the other hand the Castell Major which was built later and is larger and better preserved.

Visit to the Colegiata dedicated to the Asunción de Nuestra Señora of the 15th Century and built over a mosque ruins.

The Royal Hospital, founded in the 13th century, stands out for its beautiful Gothic architecture with influences from the first renaissance.

Other interesting monuments of Xàtiva are: Church of San Feliu, Church of San Domènec, Church of San Francisco, Plaza de la Trinidad, etc.

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