Tapas Tour

Accompanies the visit to the historic center with the best of our kitchen. Enjoy our monuments, landmarks and you will taste our traditional tapas.

  • Collect the group in the given location.
  • Tour of the historic center visiting the most representative monuments stopping at local traditional tapas to sample our most popular tapas.
  • Specializing guide in the requested language.
  • Tickets:
    • Cathedral of Valencia
    • The Silk Exchange
    • Shrine of Our Lady of the Abandoned
  • Transportation for necessary transfers. Hotel – centre – hotel.
  • Book accommodation.
  • Book restaurants.

Combine the guided tour to the historic center of Valencia with the best of our cuisine.

Enjoy with our monuments, emblematic places and taste our most traditional tapas.

Know the places of tapeo that floods the center of Valencia and which are part of the day to day of the Valencians.

This city offers us, besides a mild climate, many hours of light and sunny days and a rich gastronomy.

Valencians like to “live in the street”, socialize with friends and going out to enjoy our favourite and traditional dishes like clóxinas (mussels), esgarraet, all i pebre of eels, patatas bravas, puntilla, etc.

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