Albufera Natural Park

A lake between the sea and the rice fields

  • Visit a traditional adobe house (“barraca”) of the 18th Century.
  • Fishing demonstration.
  • Bus for transfers
  • Specialized guide with fluency in the requested language.
  • Paella show cooking.
  • Tasting of local products like Agua de Valencia, wines or even a dinner during the tour on the rowboat.
  • Restaurant booking in El Palmar, to taste taste the original and traditional paella of chicken, rabbit and/or duck, ‘esgarrat’ and ‘all i Pebre’.
  • Hotel bookings.

La Albufera is undoubtedly the reference point for anyone who wants to witness the most beautiful sunset and admire one of the most enchanting sites in the district of Valencia.

Like every afternoon, the mail boat announced its arrival to the Palmar with several honks of the horn.

(Cañas y Barro, Vicente Blasco Ibañez).

Located at 17 Km from the city centre of Valencia city, La Albufera (from the Arabic Buhâira, which means «small sea») represents, together with the Devesa de El Saler, one of most outstanding landscape environments, breeding a large number of plant and animal varieties. This environment was declared a Natural Park in 1986.

La Albufera, a fresh water lake, is also an essential place for rice culture, which is practised on a ground spreading over approximately 18,000 hectares. This gives Albufera Natural Park very marked seasons, with flooding periods, during rice growth, alternating with dry periods, which correspond to the harvesting and grain threshing periods.

We will enjoy the opportunity to take a ride in a rowboat (optional) and make headway into some of the hundreds of lake canals, then we will go for a walk into the Albufera Natural Park. We will reach El Palmar, once a fishing village and island in which nowadays 1,000 inhabitants live, and where we can have lunch in one of the numerous restaurants, most of which are related to the Albufera canals, and which offer a wide selection of paella, the most traditional being the chicken, rabbit and duck paellas and the eel all i pebre.

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