Bike tour in Valencia: ‘A River of Culture’

Tour along the Ancient Turia´s riverbed the greenbelt of the city.

  • Guided tour along the gardens of the Ancient Turia´s Riverbed with the possibility of visiting also the Old Town, the City of Arts and Sciences, the Bioparc, etc.
  • Rental bike.
  • Tune-up of the bike.
  • Specialized guide with fluency in the requested language.


The practice of sport is highly recommended to keep us healthy and in good shape. If we also combine it with a cultural tour of the city it is a healthy and alternative way of getting to know Valencia. Sustainable tourism for all.

Bicycle tour from the Historical Centre of Valencia to see the most important and relevant places and monuments of the city. Later, we access the old Turia riverbed to reach the City of Arts and Sciences.

The old riverbed of the Turia River, which once supplied water and which, due to the numerous floods (the last one in 1957) affecting the city, was diverted. It is now a magnificent green area, designed by the architects Ricardo Bofill and the team of Vetges-Tú Mediterránea. It is the green lung of the city and the largest urban garden in Spain with 110 hectares.

This guided tour called a River of Culture combines culture with a stimulating ride on wheels through the city focusing on the history of our city from a different point of view.

“A river of culture” in Valencia

From the centre of Valencia to the City of Arts and Sciences you will discover Valencia through the gardens and leisure areas that run through it.

The old course of the River Túria has become a natural area that crosses the city of Valencia perfect for outdoor sports such as running or cycling. Valencia as a “running city” enjoys a stretch of the river with a specially adapted lane for this training. It is a 5km running circuit with a special pavement, with lighting for night-time practice and signage to measure the distances covered. Moreover, being a city so flat and with little difference in level, it is a comfortable and suitable practice for any level.

It is also very interesting to take a tour of the river, since from there you can see some important cultural buildings such as:

  • the San Pio V Museum of Fine Arts
  • the Palau de la Música. Built in 1988 with a predominance of glass, the main façade of which rests on the Turia gardens. Every year the best conductors and performers from the international music scene come together.
  • the City of Arts and Sciences, a reference point for 21st century Valencia. Located on the old Turia River bed. It is conceived as a great area of leisure, cultural and intelligent entertainment. We’ll visit the entire complex from the outside.

In addition we will observe some of the most emblematic monuments that look out onto the riverbed such as the different bridges that cross it, from different times:

  • Puente del 9 de octubre
  • Puente de Campanar
  • Puente de Ademuz
  • Puente de las Artes
  • Puente de San José o Santa Cruz
  • Puente de Serranos
  • Pont de fusta
  • Puente de la Trinidad
  • Puente del Real
  • Puente de Calatrava
  • Puente de las Flores
  • Puente del Mar
  • Puente de Aragón
  • Puente del Angel Custodio
  • Puente de las Gárgolas
  • Puente de l´Assut d´Or

The paseo de la Alameda. Access to the old Royal Palace. It opened in 1677. During the 19th century it was consolidated as a place for horse riding and meeting the upper class. To highlight the two fountains, one dedicated to the Four Seasons and the other called Flora, made of Carrara marble.

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