An event in Valencia with paella competition and full of surprises

We love holding events in Valencia. Our city is increasingly valued for holding business meetings and there are many reasons why companies and tour operators from all over the world choose us.

In the realization of this event in Valencia we surprised the whole group with a paella contest that they did not expect. Everyone was involved to the maximum and the result was unbeatable.

After a hard day’s work, it’s time to… disconnect!

After a long day of work we all need to disconnect and for this Valencia is a perfect city because it has a very wide range of leisure. The proximity of the sea, our cultural heritage (including three World Heritage Sites) or our gastronomy are some of our many strengths.

In this case our mission was to make people have a good time and, judging by the comments, laughter and photos, we really did it.

The surprise factor was decisive. The 250 people in our group got on the buses without knowing where they were going or what was waiting for them. Uncertainty and doubt mixed with the desire to disconnect, enjoy and have fun.

Let´s get started!

We begin with a brief guided tour in Valencia. An activity that everyone liked because the historic center of the city always surprises who visits us. Then a panoramic bus to see also the City of Arts and Sciences. Then we headed to the main destination of this program: a hilarious paella contest in an exceptional place like the Huerto de Santa María.

The professionalism, kindness and attention that the group received during the activity and dinner in the halls of the Huerto de Santa María also contributed to the success of the event.

Guides and buses go to the hotel where the group is staying to pick them up and start with the visit and activities.

Accommodation of the group

Bus to pick up the groups from the hotel in Valencia to the paella workshop at this event in Valencia.

Bus to pick up the groups

With your hands in the dough


The group arrived anxious to know what was in store for them and everyone was surprised when they entered the room and saw that what they were going to do was nothing more and nothing less than cook. But not to cook any dish, no, but the authentic Valencian paella with Denomination of Origin. With zero kilometer ingredients arranged next to each of the paellas and the advice of an expert cook were put with their hands in the dough. The goal of the 14 teams we divided them into for the paella contest was to get the best paella to be the first, but above all, to relax after a hard day of meetings and enjoy.

During the cooking there was no lack of food or drink. The waiters spent 12 different appetizers and the pairing with Turia beer was the perfect complement.

Kitchen stalls where the different teams will be available to cook their paellas during the paella contest of this event in Valencia.

Kitchens for groups

Marriage with Turia beer during the cooking of the paella contest of this event in Valencia

Pairing with Turia beer

Disconcert and assured laughter with our infiltrated chefs

In addition, the icing on the cake was put on by two professional actors such as Amparo Castillo and Carles Castillo, who, dressed in aprons which were expert chefs, were carrying out different actions full of humour between the groups that dislocated and amused everyone, they were the infiltrated chefs!

Activity of infiltrated chefs during the cooking of paellas in the paella contest of this event in Valencia.

Infiltrated chefs

Infiltrated Chef joking and puzzling the groups during the paella contest of this event in Valencia.

Infiltrated chef in full action

Time to test your taste buds

After cooking, the paellas were presented so that the expert chefs could taste them and assess which was better. It was very close because it was valued, not only the taste but other important aspects such as presentation, teamwork or cleanliness. Special mention was also made of the group that had cooked the vegetable paella, which, by the way, turned out very well.

It must be stressed that the participation of the whole group was exceptional. They worked as a team with determination and dedication.

Each one took a seat to taste the starters of the menu as well as the paella they had cooked so enthusiastically, and finish with dessert and coffee. A very lively atmosphere had been created and with great expectation about which would be the group and the winning paella.

Presentation, tasting and evaluation of the paellas cooked in this paella competition.

Presentation of cooked paellas

The group of 260 people enjoying dinner after cooking the paellas of the paellas contest of this event in Valencia

Group dining on cooked paellas

And the winner is…

At the end of the evening the jury, microphone in hand, gives the verdict and the reactions of the different teams are not long in coming. The winners get up from their chairs singing and cheering and the rest of the attendees applaud them. Some diplomas attest that his paella has been the best of the night and with him and the satisfaction that it has been an unforgettable day, they go to rest at the hotel.

We hope that this experience in which you have put all your senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch and above all taste) will remain in your memories after your stay and event in Valencia.

The winners celebrate the victory with their winning paella the best of this paella contest during the event in Valencia.

The joy of the contest winners

Winning group of paellas contest celebrating the victory with enthusiasm

Diplomas for the winners

Many more options for your event in Valencia

If you are still wondering what to see in Valencia or what to do in Valencia during your event or congress do not hesitate to contact us. Our wide range of activities and unique experiences in Valencia will allow you to choose the one that best suits the group. We will offer you a personalized and quality service to guarantee the success of your event in Valencia.