Hi, we are ArtValencia!

We are a responsible and veteran company directed by graduates in Art History.

We like to do things well · Created in 2002, we have a wide trajectory and work experience that makes us well qualified for our work, to be very efficient and to offer an excellent service.

Tourist services for everyone · We offer a wide range of cultural experiences and guided tours in the city of Valencia and other locations of the Valencian Community.

Know our land · Our purpose is that travelers know the heritage, cultural and artistic wealth of the area. All this in a fun and enjoyable way. To do this, we have qualified professional guides in all areas, with knowledge of foreign languages​​.


In Art Valencia we do tours and guided tours in Valencia and the rest of the Community. We design the tours to suit you so that you live a unique and unforgettable experience and so that you soak up our history and culture. With our guided tours of Valencia and personalized and exclusive tours you will get to know a city that you won’t expect.


Art Valencia has always been convinced that our city is beautiful, that it has much to offer and much to discover, not only to the foreign visitor but to the citizen himself.

Our academic training in Art History made us consider the importance of bringing all the rich heritage and art of Valencia to the world.

The official guide

It is easy to access Valencia tourist guides where you can find written information about the city. But, without a doubt, the best way to get to know Valencia is with a guided tour with an official guide who, in addition to giving information about our heritage and culture, will know how to transmit it in the most appropriate way, solve all your doubts and adapt the route and content of the guided tour in Valencia to your particular needs.

Transmit. This is a basic concept for us. We love our work and that is why we make the guided tour an enjoyable journey in which we transfer our passion for Valencia to all our groups and visitors.

The guide’s work is very extensive. We want to make you feel comfortable with our explanations. We make sure that the content of the guided tour is the right one for you and that you will assimilate our explanations well. We will answer all your questions to the best of our ability. Our goal is that you fall in love with Valencia as much as we do.

Art Valencia today

At Art Valencia we have been working and fighting for our goal since the beginning of the 21st century. For this we not only have a large team of trained and professional official guides with a command of languages but we also work every day to offer guided tours and unique experiences in Valencia away from mass tourism.

Our knowledge of the city allows us to have advantages to manage not only the guided tour but any aspect related to it:

  • Management of cultural events.
    We take care of all the organization and management of the event in Valencia. Offering a more personalized attention and a cultural approach. We will bring and accommodate the attendees, we will look for the best locations of spaces for the event in question, our catering will offer a menu at the height and we will dress the spaces and tables with the precise decoration, in addition to having the best professionals in lighting and entertainment.
  • Transport
    We offer you the best buses, minivans and cars for any transfer you need. They are recently registered cars that meet all the conditions for you to move around the city comfortably and safely by the hand of great professionals. This is a service that adds value to our guided tour in Valencia as it allows us to meet the mobility needs of our customers.
  • Accommodation
    We look for the hotel that best suits your needs. We work with the best hotels in Valencia that will make you have a pleasant stay in our city.
  • Catering
    From traditional restaurants to the most modern with Michelin Star. We will search and adapt the menus to your budget and preferences.


Certificate of ‘Q’ Quality Tourism · In 2005 we were awarded with this award given by the Spanish Institute for Quality Tourism.

Member of Turismo Valencia Convention Bureau · We belong to this non-profit foundation with the participation of the Valencia City Council, the Chamber of Commerce, Feria Valencia and the Valencia Business Confederation (Confederación Empresarial Valenciano, CEV).

Guides with studies of history, art and languages ·  We will adapt the visit to your needs, your schedules, ages, preferences and all the requirements that you need.

Qualified staff · Our people in the office, monitors, assistants and hostesses will be in charge of developing the workshops,  recreational and cultural activities that you need.

Feel free to ask us your questions. We will be happy to answer and help!